How important is a good Bed Bug Warranty?

Can you imagine paying thousands of dollars for a heat treatment for what you thought would be a complete, fast solution to your bed bug problem only to keep finding them in the house months later?  This happens frequently enough that you have to consider that it may happen at your home also.

A Good Bed Bug Warranty is everything!

We frequently enough go to homes where a company (or multiple companies) performed bed bug services and charged good money (thousands of dollars not to mention the other costs such as tossed beds, lost time, etc), only to have them either not completely go away or come back months later.

Considering the terrible disruption these insects cause it is essential that a bed bug treatment include a warranty that allows for the challenges that can come from the distinct environments of each home.  And the warranty should be long enough to assure it is in effect until the very last bug is dead!  Otherwise all that effort and money can become a great waste.

Some of what we have seen in our experiences with customers.

  • A 5000 dollar heat treatment where bugs persisted in some areas after the service. After multiple follow up pesticide treatments the pest control provider said it looked like a failure!  Period?  That’s it?  Now what?  Burn the house down or move (the owner was considering the later)?  Actually failure is never an option. Some changes to environment such as de-cluttering or furniture changes may be needed but that is even on the rare side of necessity!
  • Three or more treatments done both by heat and pesticide treatment companies with no success. Owner estimated the cost to them when we spoke had added up to over 7000.00.  Non of the other companies offered a significant warranty and 1 had stopped taking their calls.  The house had challenges but we were 100 percent successful!
  • A larger halfway house organization where more than 6 attempts to exterminate the bed bugs failed miserably and they were at risk of being shut down.  We were successful and partially this was due to the strategies we engaged them in observing.