Or how do I avoid ever having this problem again!

What to do after a bed bug pesticide treatment is done — and how to prevent them.The purpose of a residual pesticide is simply that if the bug crosses it and picks up enough it will die. To get the bug to cross the pesticide you must make it hard on this bug to find you, which actually is not very difficult as it cannot fly, jump or use its eyes to navigate its surroundings or find you. Thus where you spend you evenings with the lights off (primarily your bed) you will want to provide space between those items they can live on (often without pesticide, such as books on an end table) and the bed you occupy. Thus following these simple guidelines will help make the pesticide more effective in both elimination and prevention.

  • Keep the bed away from the wall, keep the bed linens off the floor and do not let things that are attached to the wall or bedside items (end table, etc) make contact with the bed.  Also do not put items under the bed that might bridge the bed to the floor.  If you make the bed hard to find to this dumb blind little insect it will keep crawling and if the baseboards are treated with a good pesticide the bug will keep picking up more and more…and just die!
  • Keep the lights on bright while using the couch. This will keep the bug inactive until you
    leave the couch. Then turn off the lights and let the bug become active. As it cannot use
    its eyes, or your smell, to find you, it will mainly bounce off of the walls and kill itself.
  • Do not clutter up the floor. Keep clothing in or on top of dressers or in the closet. This
    makes the bed bug seek refuge on furniture which can and will be treated.
  • When you come from somewhere outside of your home (like a friends home, movie theater,
    or even doctors office), do not take clothing off and toss on the bed. You want to prevent
    introducing this bug to its best habitat.
  • Inspect your bed often, maybe once every couple of weeks. Half of the population do not
    react to bed bug bites so they often get caught off guard by an infestation that has gone on
    for sometime and has built up to a sizable population. Know what they look like and the
    stains they make as shown in the pictures below. When you find one or more, remove or
    spray them with pesticide or alcohol.