Our bed bug treatment process takes less effort and is the most reliable course to 100 percent elimination!

So many people we talk to have done countless hours of research to figure out what type of service, technique or products would be best to get rid of bed bugs.  Yet when it comes down to being successful there are a few things to consider that when understood and engaged, will make getting rid of bed bugs decidedly easy and completely successful.

The Bug Bugs Weaknesses.  Bed bugs are not superbugs.  They simply have some characteristics that make them harder than most insects to completely eliminate.  So consider these weaknesses:

  • They are essentially blind.  Their eyesight is about as good as a fly (compound eyes) which means they can only see vague shapes and shadows.  If one were to be looking in your direction what they “see” would not tell them if you are a person or a doorway, nor to them would it matter.
  • They are nocturnal.  This is important as since they do not feel pain from hunger, nor do they get desperate, you can manipulate their behavior (deny them access to you with light.  This gives you the ability to make them do what you want them to do!
  • They are physically limited.  Yes they are fast, but they cannot fly or jump. They are thus stuck crawling around, which when you think about it, is how a good pesticide is supposed to be picked up by them, by their crawling over it!
  • They cannot adjust to a fatal (to them at least) change to their environment.  If you make them stay in motion and the room is well treated, this bug will not change its mind or nature.  It will simply stay active, and thus assist in helping the pesticide doing its job.

Thus a simple strategy can be summed up in two simple statements.

  1. The house should be well enough treated with a pesticide that works 100% and lasts long enough to kill them all.
  2. Take yourself away from them as a food source.
    Most conventional bed bug treatment process require extensive preparation.

    Bed Bug Prep Extreme

Its really simple.  Just work against this bugs nature, treat the environment appropriately and by doing so you can make all the bugs die, without even doing much real preparation.


For more detailed instructions for the steps we typically teach and engage our customers in, please refer to our blog and look for the steps used in home preparation for bed bug elimination.