How to get rid of bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs.

To hear what people think and even experience about getting rid of bed bugs, it would seem like it is often a nightmare scenario on the level of some horror movie.  We hear of people throwing out good beds (even all of them and expensive ones too), couches, furniture and clothing.  Sometimes what is thrown out could cost lots of money to replace.  And so often this did not fully eliminate the problem.

Why is getting rid of bed bugs so hard?  Mainly its because people rarely work against this bugs nature, and its nature works against easy treatment.  Consider the following:

  • Bed bugs are rarely active.  While they seem fast, they actually mostly are hidden away somewhere just sitting still, not active, digesting blood and laying eggs.  Their effort to get blood may take them 10 minutes or less, and they only have to do this about every 5 days.  Can you imagine working 10 minutes a week and resting the rest of the week!
  • Bed bugs live very close to the host.  This is because once they take your blood, this dumb, almost blind little creature is just trying to hide from light and movement.  Getting off of you and under something is sufficient to fill that instinct.
  • They are not scavengers.  Most pesticides work because they are  accidentally consumed by an insect tasting the treated items.  Since this is a blood sucking creature, its got to pick up substantial amounts of pesticide on its body that can pass into the insect without  going through its mouth.
  • They are nocturnal.  This makes them seem just too sneaky and hard to work with.  They often develop into serious numbers before they are noticed.

Yet this bug also has its very significant weaknesses and weaknesses can be used against them:

  • They are essentially blind. This is important to know as many people we talk to seem to think this insect is good at finding its way around the house.
  • It cannot find you by smell.  Its true that the carbon dioxide you exhale tells this bug that food is nearby, but the only way bed bugs find you is to detect your body heat and that is not possible beyond about 10 feet away. Beyond that distance they simply have to “wander around” until your location is discovered.
  • They cannot fly, jump or figure out their surroundings.  The only get to crawl (but the do crawl pretty fast).
  • If they are looking to feed off of you, they cannot continue laying eggs as they are likely out of the nourishment needed to continue doing so.

And most important.  There are pesticides that not only work but last long enough to be able to kill off a bed bug infestation with a single treatment!  Since this is the case, there is NO reason a bed bug problem cannot be eliminated, and prevented for good!

Thus how to get rid of bed bugs can be explained in some simple steps that when followed will ultimately provide complete success and combined with some simple precautions also a permanent riddance of these evil pests.

The steps we recommend and practice will be enumerated and explained in upcoming posts.