Why so many bed bugs

Why are there so many bed bugs now.

It would seem that the bed bug was a non-issue to most all pest control technicians and maybe even nothing more than an evening fairy tale. We as a small local company had seen precious few infestations, and those few we were asked to get ride of, we had to refer to the books on this subject as we had no experience with expectations that might be affected based on different things like the general home environment as well as the effectiveness of various pesticides.

Bed bugs seem to prefer hiding in wood.

Bed Bugs in wood bed frame bolt hole with defecation marks.

So often when we perform a service our customer will say this is the first time for them, and also that up to this time they had thought bed bugs were just a fairy tale. The biggest question as to why they are getting them is why have they become so common. There seems to be a combination of answers for that.

One is that generally people stopped being careful. In the past when bed bugs were common (like the 1800s) people would often not wear the same cloths into the house that they wore at a public event.  Being proactive against this bug was often a way of life.  Once we virtually eliminated these bugs all caution was dropped and forgotten by most all.

Another is that bed bugs appear to have developed a strong resistance to a common over the counter pesticide that is referred to as a pyrethroid.  And the stronger more noxious pesticides have been done away with. And the type of pyrethroid sold in stores is not encapsulated (which provides multiple benefits). Thus when people go to the hardware store they are almost always buying a cheap form of a product that has lost its value to kill these off. And as long as they are treated and not completely eliminated in a home, they are also subject to be shared with others.

Thus when these bugs are either flying under the radar (not happening much now) or being treated inadequately (still happens a lot) they are also being shared. And as fast and as easily as these develop and get around, and considering we are no longer “nuking” those locations where this bug develops, it is unlikely we will see these completely go away as they did for nearly half a century!

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