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    How do you know if the bed bugs are and will stay gone past a short 1 month warranty? Our method provides for a quick and successful elimination and a long term solution with a 1 year unconditional warranty!  Read more...

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    Unlike others, our strategy based method requires very little preparation, and virtually no disruption to your life. No bagging all the clothing, removing sensitive items, etc., and you and the pets can stay. Read more...

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    Our strategy based approach is unique yet known as the one approach that naturally fits a long term warranty. Our methods help make you a contributor to both clearing up the infestation and long term prevention.  Read more...

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      Bed Bugs ...
    Had bed bugs a couple years ago. Tried multiple other ways...
    by Keri S on 09/11/2014
      The best you can ...
    Couldn't be more pleased with the excellent service...
    by Sandy S on 01/28/2014
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  • Where Can You Place Your Trust?

    Just imagine you have signed up for a bed bug heat treatment service. The company has required a tone of preparation and charged you lots of money (and they had you sign a damage waiver). Now it has been about three months past the service and a few bed bugs are still showing up. You call them and after a discussion they determine that you may not have prepared exactly as the prep sheet required. Or perhaps you accidently brought one back and have re-infested your home again. Sorry their warranty says they do not cover that!

    Most bed bug service warranties do not cover you if they determine that you re-infested your own home (how they determine that, we don’t know). Or maybe you did not prepare exactly as required. They will also not warranty multi-family dwellings such as apartments or condos. They may not even warranty your home if you have friends or neighbors that have bed bugs. That is a lot of conditions.

    We do not have such conditions. We offer our warranty as a proposition towards peace of mind. If there is something that might bring bed bugs back into your home there will be a way to prevent them from re-infesting and we will help you achieve that. We do not just eliminate this pest but help you learn strategies that will prevent them in the event that you are exposed to them. Our process is also good enough to prevent a neighbor creating a problem for you. Thus we also warranty condos and apartments. We have offered this warranty for over 3 years and done well over a thousand residences.